Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2012
Running Time: 104 min

Ever the chronicler of inter-generational relations in China, Director Zhang Yang takes us into the world of an aging population and alienation between the generations in his heart warming tale of a group of irrepressible senior citizens all in their 70’s and 80’s living in a nursing home who are energized when one of them decides that they should compete in a television acting/variety show competition.  Although some are afflicted with serious illnesses and others are slightly demented, and some have been abandoned by their children, all of them have a charm and an energy which is infectious. In short order they all have a common dream of participating in the competition which will soon be taking place in a faraway city near the seaside.  Although they have no acting training they rehearse their hearts out, but the head of the nursing home stops them because she does not want to be held liable in case anyone gets hurt.  Our intrepid seniors have to take things into their own hands by buying a bus and sneaking out on this trip of a lifetime.  Along the way, they start to see that their dreams can become reality and they find peace and happiness which had been missing from their lives. Like professionals, they make it to the competition just in time and in a performance of a lifetime win over the judges and the audience while resolving their issues with their families and with each other. With their dream achieved and their journey nearly complete there is just one more stop along the way.

Director Zhang Yang
Screenplay HUO Xin
Screenplay ZHANG Chong
Director of Photography Yang Tao
Produced by Ann AN
Produced by LI Li
Produced by ZHANG Qiang
Production Company China Film Co., Ltd.
Production Company Desen International Media Co., Ltd.
Editor Yang Hongyu
Music by San Bao
Production Designer An Bin
Sound JIANG Peng
XU Huanshan as Mr. Ge Sr.
WU Tianming as Mr. Zhou
Li Bin as Mrs. Li
YAN Bingyan as Senior Home Director
WU Tianming nominated for Best Actor at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2012
Zhang Yang  | director
Zhang Yang was born March 28, 1967 in Beijing, China. He graduated from the Director's Department of the Central Theatre Academy. In 1997, he directed his first feature SPICY LOVE SOUP which was in competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival and swept all the domestic Chinese awards. His second film SHOWER (1999) also went on to win awards at a wide array of festivals in Canada, Spain, Greece, Holland, the United States, Argentina and Italy. His third feature QUITTING (2001) scored at the Chinese box office and won FIPRESCI Prize at the Stockholm Film Festival. His fourth film SUNFLOWER (2004) won Best Director and Best Cinematography at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. His fifth film GETTING HOME (2007) won the Ecumenical Award at Berlin Film Festival. In 2010, he directed DRIVELESS.  FULL CIRCLE (2012) is his latest feature film.
2001    QUITTING
1999    SHOWER
Author: Zhang Rui
"Despite its apparently maudlin subject matter, "Full Circle" is never gloomy, and every scene is illuminated by convincing performances from the film's aging cast. Audiences will surely reflect on how they should treat their parents and grandparents in their final days. The veteran Chinese actors Wu Tianming, Xu Huanshan and Yan Bingyan give career-defining performances in the film."
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Film Biz Asia
Author: Derek Elley
"A beautifully played heartwarmer about a group of oldies who take charge of their own lives and "escape" from their retired people's home, Full Circle is handled with a lightness of touch that is new to the movies of writer-director ZHANG Yang [...] In Full Circle, Zhang, now in his mid-40s, directly confronts the problem in a movie that combines elements from two of his best films (Shower (1999), with its mix of community and old age, and Getting Home (2006), with its road trip) but comes up with something that is warm, exhilarating, funny and finally poetic."
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Year Category Awarded By Award Result Award Recipient
2012 Best Film Doha Tribeca Film Festival Winner Zhang Yang
2012 Human Rights Competition Cairo International Film Festival Special Mention Zhang Yang