Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog
Year: 2012
Running Time: 110 min

BWAKAW stars veteran Filipino superstar Eddie Garcia as RENE, a cantankerous grumpy aging gay man who has only come out recently while in his 70s – living alone with only the companionship of an affectionate stray dog (BWAKAW) to keep him company. As he goes about his life constantly rewriting his will to reallocate his possessions to his “friends”, and dodging the coffin that he bought on sale years earlier that sits in the middle of his rural home, he is compelled to confront his humanity and seek the help of others when his dog becomes ill. Garcia delivers the performance of a lifetime in this life-affirming, heartwarming and tear-jerker dramatic/comedy that shows that it’s never too late to rediscover yourself.
Director Jun Robles Lana
Producer Ferdinand Lapuz
Producer Antonio Tuviera
Producer Tonee Acejo
Cinematographer Carlo Mendoza
Production Designer Joey Luna
Editor Lawrence Ang
Production Company Octobertrain films
Sound Albert Michael Idioma
Music Jeff Hernandez
Eddie Garcia as Rene
Rez Cortez as Sol
Gardo Versoza as Eddie's Father
Armida Siguion Reyna as Alicia
Best Actor Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Best Actor and Audience Award Asian Film Awards
Jun Robles Lana  | director
Jun Robles Lana was born on October 10, 1972 in Makati City, Philippines.   He is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Communication Arts.  He is the youngest Filipino to be inducted in the Palanca Literary Awards (Philippine’s Pulitzer Prize) Hall of Fame.His debut screenplay "SA PUSOD NG DAGAT" (IN THE NAVEL OF THE SEA) directed by his mentor Marilou Diaz-Abaya premiered at the 1998 Berlin International Film Festival and also won him the Best Screenplay Award from the 1998 Brussels Independent Film Festival.

Since then he has worked on mainstream and independent projects, as screenwriter for landmark films such as Jose Rizal and Muro Ami and as director/creative producer for Regal Films on projects such as KULAM (2008), TAROT (2009) and MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE (2011). He is presently the creative director of the drama department of GMA Television Network.
2009 TAROT
2008 KULAM
2006 GIGIL
The Hollywood Reporter
Author: David Rooney
"Elevated by a performance to be treasured from national screen superstar Eddie Garcia, and equally winning work from a cute pooch, the film gracefully blends melodrama, broad and lower-key comedy, and honestly earned sentiment while making poignant observations about old age, emotional solitude, romantic longing and friendship."
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Slant Magazine
Author: John Semley
"This oddball Filipino film effectively mints its own genre: the light dark comedy. Lensing the life of a crotchety gay retiree, Rene (Eddie Garcia), living with his beloved dog, Bwakaw (Princess), in the Philippines, Jun Robles Lana's Bwakaw is equal parts broad, sitcom-ish comedy and macabre gallows humor. If nothing else, it feels entirely, effervescently original."
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Author: Lily Rothman
Listed as one of the 10 films to watch at the New York Film Festival 2012
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Author: Dennis Harvey
"Eighty-three-year-old industry icon Garcia delivers a pitch-perfect, salty but touching turn. Assembly is thoughtful down the line for what’s not just an obvious labor of love, but a personal best for prolific writer, helmer and TV-series creative director Lana."
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Year Category Awarded By Award Result Award Recipient
2012 Best Actor Asia Pacific Screen Awards Winner Eddie Garcia
2012 Best Film Tokyo International Film Festival Special Mention
2013 Best Actor Asian Film Award Winner Eddie Garcia
2013 Audience Award Asian Film Award Winner Ferdinand Lapuz